Sportslick 23 g

Sportslick 23 g

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Sportslick är en salva som motverkar skavsår, blåsor och klåda. Sportslick lägger sig som en skyddande hinna som inte lossnar utan slits ner. Den är vattenfast och fungerar även när man simmar. Den är antibakteriell och motverkar svampbildning. Ett Aloe extrakt hjälper samtidigt till att läka småsår och irritationer som uppstått.

Sportslick was created by combining Petrolatum with Silicone for long lasting waterproof protection, then adding the leading antifungal agent, Tolnaftate with healing ingredients, Aloe, Vitamin E, C, and natural plant extracts. Sportslick Antifungal Cream

Soothing Aloe, Antioxidant vitamins A and E, and other natural ingredients moisturize and rejuvenates your skin.

Created by a physician, this unique formula combines the proven antifungal (Tolnaftate) and a popular antibacterial (Triclosan) to guard against infection.

Easy to apply to your feet, legs, thigh, groin, underarms and neck, Sportslick stays where you put it! It won't come off until you wash it off with soap.

The leading antibacterial, Triclosan. The finest grade Petrolatum was chosen because it is the most effective lubricant available. It is used safely in hundreds of skin products and medications. It is non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Sportslick has been proven not to harm wetsuits or athletic equipment.


Aloe Vera - plant extract that heals and moisturizes skin.
Vitamin E - Antioxidant that protects and strenghtens the skin and highly anti-inflammatory.
Vitamin A - The most used vitamin for better skin health. Antioxidant that protect and rejunevate the skin. Stimulates the production of collagen.
Soybean Oil - plant extract that repairs and rejuvenates the skin.
Silicone - binds to the skin for long lasting waterproof protection.
Petrolatum - a proven safe lubricant and moisturizer.
Polymers - for a slippery feel and a lasting glide.
Tolnaftate 1% - the leading antifungal agent (FDA Proven Effectiveness).
Natural Oil Fragrance - vanilla almond oil.
Triclosan - popular antibacterial.


Sportslick 108 gram
Sportslick är en salva som motverkar skavsår, blåsor och klåda. Sportslick lägger sig som en...
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