Str8 Tumlupp

Str8 Tumlupp

Tumlupp anpassad för Str8-kompassen

The Str8magnifier is manufactured with materials of premium quality. The strong aluminium body makes the magnifier robust - an important feature in a tough sport as orienteering.

Sleek and ergonomic design

High quality bolt in metallic blue and red.
The Str8magnifier is fitted to the compass with a secure 3-Point Fit

When fitted to the compass, the magnifier sits in a perfect position over the tip of the compass, making sure that you can see both your position on the map and the map itself.

Optimal Magnification
360° Rotation 
Secure 3-point Fit 
Lightweight Aluminium Body
Accurate Position Magification Glass


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Str8 Tumlupp Höger 2019
Tumlupp anpassad för Str8-kompassen
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